Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A year of projects

I've signed up to Ravelry's blog-a-long year of projects.  By 1st July I need to post all my patterns for the next 12 months and then update their progress each Sunday.  You can either:
  • Pick all projects from one book / magazine
  • Create your own book of patterns
  • Pick patterns from your current queue
  • Finish all WIP's
I've got plenty of WIP's lol so might go down that route or I could make a book of patterns using only wool from my current yarn stash.  The second option is more appealing as I put myself on a self inflicted ban from Wonderwool until my stash is much depleted!!!  Decisions decisions!

My cottons

lovely yarn

felting projects??

worsted weights

double knits

This is only some of my stash *blush*.  Strange how our tastes change - I've moved away from worsted weight and prefer to knit with sock yarn of which there is a disappointing lack of!  Any suggestions for patterns gratefully received :-)

Whilst the weather is warm my needles are taking a short break so I have started my next sewing project.  I'm going to make the girls a disappearing 9 patch quilt each for Christmas - inspirations from this quilt on the Moda site
 I was hoping to make it in vibrant colours but Josie has requested light purple, light pink and light blue!!!  So I've chosen these fabrics

All 160 5"squares cut and ready for sewing.
Looking forward to a quiet evening to start piecing them together :-)


  1. Wow your stash is fab. Feeling a little stash envy. The quilt will be lovely when done. I'm on ravelry taking part in blog a long. I've only just signed up for my blog so it's not active just yet. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects.

  2. This really makes me want to get on with mums disappearing 9 patch! I'll have to check out that blog a long although I just don't know whether I'll ever get any of my ideas into real projects!!