Thursday, 23 June 2011

Elderflower Pop :-)

Thanks to my Nan I developed a taste for elderflower pop at a young age.  I have memories of sunny days drinking ice cold pop at the farm.  My mate Janet  makes elderflower cordial and last years batch was gorgeous.  After a sniff of hers brewing in the bucket I decided to give it a go.

A stroll down to the river to search for elderflowers


10 heads

My assistant!

The all important stirring

Recipe taken from this lovely book I got from the library today

10 large elderflower heads
1.5lb sugar
1.5 pints of boiling water
4 lemons zested, sliced and squeezed
Mix all together and leave under a damp towel for 48 hours - with frequent sniffs of the amazing smell before sieving through muslin and bottling :-)


  1. Let me know when it's ready and I'll be round!! I made Elderflower fritters this week, yum yum x

  2. Wow, clever you! Cant believe its so simple. Feel free to post a bottle my way! Think I may give it a go.
    Louise xxx

  3. Blimey, our elderflowers had been and gone by the start of June! Although I did make both cordial and 'champagne' - the former is in the freezer, the latter I'm just enjoying now!