Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WIP Wednesday 29th Feb 2012

Wow a special Leap Wednesday :-)  I shall blog later in the day about my Leap Year Blanket Project.  Back to this weeks WiP's....

They are getting out of control again!!  Its nice to have variation every evening but nothing gets finished when there are so many on the go!

A couple of weeks ago I said I would never knit socks again as they were so boring but the comfort of hand knitted socks far outweighs any knitting boredom.  I cast these on last thursday.  Using a ball I picked up in the 2nds shelves at the Colinette workshop.  No idea what the wool is as it doesnt seem to match the rest of their range but it feels very hardwearing.  The pattern calls for a DK but my yarn is slightly heavier than a DK.  I cant get the tension to match - pattern suggests a 3.25 but that came out too big whereas a 3 came out too small - I'm therefore mixing and matching the needle sizes and so far it seems to be working.  Using a pattern with a cable which has eliminated the boredom of round and round sock knitting.  The pattern uses reverse stocking stitch but I'm not a fan of the purl side and my purling is far slower than my knitting.  Glad I went with right sided stocking stitch.

Got a couple of crochet WiP's too - one on a size 7mm and one on a 1.5mm hook.  It does feel strange swapping from one to the other.  The 7mm hook project is a lacy wrap using James Brett Marble Chunky.  The finished pattern size looks huge so I've gone down a few hook sizes.

and I've started another doily.  Cant say too much about this one though ;-)

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Friday, 17 February 2012

The Leap Year Blanket - halfway through Feb

I'm up to 53 squares now so a bit ahead of time.  It had been my intention to join all the squares at the end of this month but I think they still look too clashy and random.  Once there are another 100 or so squares I should get some colour themes and patterns happening.  Decided to border all the squares to break them up a bit as they loose there individuality when laid together.  Bordering is squaring them up nicely too which should make the job of joining a bit easier.  .

all laid out pre borders

and the few that I bordered last night

FO Friday 17th February 2012

A pair of socks - woohoo :-).  Its only taken me 2 years from casting on the first sock to finally having a pair!  Very pleased I am with them too.  If it wasnt such a boring task I would knit many more as they are sooooo comfy.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WIP Wednesday 8th Feb 2012

Its been a long long time since I posted a WiP Wednesday.  Christmas crafting prevented me as I didnt want any recipient to have a sneaky peek!!!

A long with my Leap Year Blanket project I am working my way through my WiP's.  Trying to be good and start nothing new unless its a gift.  Picked up a pair of socks over the weekend that I started easily 2 years ago!!!  The first sock was completed shortly after picking the yarn but the second sock has been sat on the needles looking pretty on my windowsill for months!!  Determined to finish it before this weeks FO friday.  Had to frog the heel flap as I must have been in a grump the last time I picked this project up.  My tension was very very tight.  All frogged and sorted now and finally on the home straight.  Sock knitting really isnt for me lol

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Leap Year Blanket - January round up

I've joined a facebook group where the aim is to crochet / knit a square every day through the year to make a special leap year blanket.  I'm using all my scrap wool and hoping there will be enough to make all the squares without having to buy anything new.  I'm trying to get ahead of myself at the moment so that I can fit other projects in through the year.  I'll admit to having doubts occasionally as to whether the randomness of the wool weights and colours will actually go together but I'll crochet on for now.  My plan is to join the squares bi-monthly making 6 smaller blankets to finally bring together and border.  The aim is for a massive blanket to cover our bed hopefully it will be big enough to hang over the sides and hide the horrible divan.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Last Christmas present opened today so I can finally blog!!!!

Yay back to blogging again :-).  Been away for so long because I was making Christmas presents from October of last year and didnt want to spoil any surprises!  The last christmas present was finally finished this week after suffering from some serious craft exhaustion.  Enjoyed my 1st Feb second Christmas though as I received a gorgeous handmade bag from my lovely and very patient friend Janet.

So here is a round up of all my Christmas crafting projects.

I took part in 3 Secret Santas through online parenting forums.  I have to say that in many ways these were my favourite projects as whilst Christmas is about giving it is nice to recieve too ;-) and these swaps were with groups of crafty mums.  There is nothing a crafter likes more than receiving a handmade gift.  I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous bag, necklace, christmas tree decs and spinning set in return :-).  These are the handmade part of the gifts sent.

Heart Doily

Button Charm Bracelet made using vintage buttons

Crochet wristwarmers - made up pattern

I have to thank pinterest for the inspiration for my crochet clocks.  These were fiddly to make but I love them and will be making one for our house one day.

I was brought a gorgeous handmade photo album last year and wanted to make something similar.  I brought some scraps of leather for the applique / patchwork - its lovely to sew with.  The photo leaves are made from handmade mulberry paper.

Whilst I was crafting Carl and Erin helped out making some fab Cookie Jars - the kitchen was a mess but they looked great.

Cowls were a quick easy project and I made 3 of them as presents

Mum and my youngest sister each had a shawlette and I had gorgeous brooch commisioned for Mum to match her scarf - thank you Annie (Heavenly Anarchist)
My pic doesnt show off the brooch well enough - click on Annies link for a better picture
Elise Shawl

Apart from a couple of presents for children it was a handmade Christmas - here is the rest

crochet bookmark
Calorimetry hair band
more wristwarmers
charm bracelet in need of a few more charms!
Washcloth - using up the last of my lovely Peaches and Creme cotton.

Next year its 3 for 2 from Boots ;-) xx