Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WIP Wednesday 29th Feb 2012

Wow a special Leap Wednesday :-)  I shall blog later in the day about my Leap Year Blanket Project.  Back to this weeks WiP's....

They are getting out of control again!!  Its nice to have variation every evening but nothing gets finished when there are so many on the go!

A couple of weeks ago I said I would never knit socks again as they were so boring but the comfort of hand knitted socks far outweighs any knitting boredom.  I cast these on last thursday.  Using a ball I picked up in the 2nds shelves at the Colinette workshop.  No idea what the wool is as it doesnt seem to match the rest of their range but it feels very hardwearing.  The pattern calls for a DK but my yarn is slightly heavier than a DK.  I cant get the tension to match - pattern suggests a 3.25 but that came out too big whereas a 3 came out too small - I'm therefore mixing and matching the needle sizes and so far it seems to be working.  Using a pattern with a cable which has eliminated the boredom of round and round sock knitting.  The pattern uses reverse stocking stitch but I'm not a fan of the purl side and my purling is far slower than my knitting.  Glad I went with right sided stocking stitch.

Got a couple of crochet WiP's too - one on a size 7mm and one on a 1.5mm hook.  It does feel strange swapping from one to the other.  The 7mm hook project is a lacy wrap using James Brett Marble Chunky.  The finished pattern size looks huge so I've gone down a few hook sizes.

and I've started another doily.  Cant say too much about this one though ;-)

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  1. Wow, love how the wrap is looking.


  2. Lovely wrap, I like the Marble chunky it's pretty soft for an acrylic :)

    The socks look fab, but I'm always a fan of knitted socks!

  3. Everything looks great! Your socks are beautiful! I love the colors.

  4. It would be odd to switch from chunky yarn and a jumbo hook to thread with a teensy hook! Nice looking wrap and I love the sock yarn you've picked!

  5. The doily looks great! & so does everything else you're working on of course. :)

  6. you have been quite busy and I love all three projects. I am with you on the sock thing, swore I'd never do it again and here I am, getting all my stuff together for another try