Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Leap Year Blanket - January round up

I've joined a facebook group where the aim is to crochet / knit a square every day through the year to make a special leap year blanket.  I'm using all my scrap wool and hoping there will be enough to make all the squares without having to buy anything new.  I'm trying to get ahead of myself at the moment so that I can fit other projects in through the year.  I'll admit to having doubts occasionally as to whether the randomness of the wool weights and colours will actually go together but I'll crochet on for now.  My plan is to join the squares bi-monthly making 6 smaller blankets to finally bring together and border.  The aim is for a massive blanket to cover our bed hopefully it will be big enough to hang over the sides and hide the horrible divan.


  1. Your doing really good, I was going to join in on this but I realised I wouldnt have enough time :(

  2. I'm new to blogging but now totally addicted on seeing so many talented ladies around. I have been sewing and knitting since childhood but am a relatively new crocheter (ie not that good) and love your projects. I'm struggling to get my head around the 800 squares i need for my throw and sad that my daughter has managed to finish hers when I only taught her to crochet in November!! will keep my eye on you for inspiration

  3. These squares are great! I agree with debra, your squares and work are an inspiration.