WIP Wednesdays

I missed last weeks WIP Wednesday but I've been good and mostly only stuck to one project!!!

1. Crochet Heart Doilies

I've completed 5 of the 7 now.  They were intended for a present but my tension is all over the place - 3 are big and 2 are very tight and small.  I'll keep going until they are all the same size but they are mostly likely to end up on my wall rather than anyone elses!!  They've been great fun and very portable - perfect project for the beach.

2. Elise Shawl
Needed a quick project as a replacement birthday present instead of the doilies.  The Elise shawl is recommended as a quick project (some people finish it in an evening - dont think I will but hoping it will be my FO on friday).  Brought some gorgeous artists palettes sock yarn from www.first4yarns.co.uk and started last night.  Its my first project where I have used a chart.  Messed up the first few rows trying to work out the written instructions so switched on recommendation to the chart.  Love working off a chart.  After several froggings I'm getting into the flow now.  There is a mistake on the first couple of rows but by the time I'd realised I didnt have the heart to frog it right back!  It seems very cack handed to be working with a 5.5mm hook after using the 1.5mm on the doilies

Showing off our new flooring too!!!

You can see at the start where I have misunderstood the instructions and DC into the centre original stitch too many times :-(  Hoping that once blocked it will be fine.

Still unfinished - Genevieve, socks, afghan etc etc etc!!!!  Not worked on these tho in the past fortnight

Wednesday 20th April 2011

OK so its Thursday now - woops!!  There are still too many things on my needles though.

1. Josie's Genevieve Sweater

I've done the body and 6 inches of the skirt bit - not sure whether to go for hip length or dress length but I'm getting very bored with all the stockinette so it might end up being hip length!!  Sleeves and hood to complete too.  The largest size is age 4/5 and she is 6 so I am hoping it will be finished before she outgrows it.

2. Liesl by Ysolda for me
I'm only halfway down the yoke so its going to be a long time yet!  Be nice to wear it this summer lol

3. Josie's attic 24 welcome bird
I've finished the bird so only need to stuff it and sew it up.  Was supposed to be finished for when we moved in this house to welcome her bedroom but that was 10 months ago!

4. Dai's balaclava
Think summer is here now so I can put this one on hold until the Autumn

5. Holiday Throw   Moroccan Tile Afghan
This is my holiday project and after 10 years of holidays it's still not finished!!!  Time to make it a project for non holiday time too.  Want to put this in Knighton Show so I must finish it by the end of August.  All squares finished its just joining them and the border to complete.

6. Socks
1 and a half completed!!!  Its warm weather so no rush :-)

and that is all I am owning up to for now ;-)

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