Wednesday, 25 May 2011

WIP Wednesday 25th May 2011

Wednesdays come around so quick!!  We've not been a healthy household this week (kids and their sick bugs!) so my progress has been hampered a bit.  My main project is still the Summer Mystery KAL.  After finishing the first chart using the Zauberball I was disappointed by the amount of fluffiness - with lace you want to be able to see all the hard concentration that goes into the pattern.  The new chart was due until Sunday and I'd finished on Fri so decided to cast on another one using Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply cherry.  Its got a gorgeous sheen to it and is showing up the stitch definition really well.  Only 2 more rows left to complete the 2nd released chart in the cherry and then I will go back to the Zauberball to try and complete the 2nd chart before the 3rd is released tomorrow evening!  Really enjoying the mystery and knitting to a deadline - I know without it these would be eternal WIP's!!!  Knitting bottom up is the way to go too - so better to work down from 241 stitches than take forever to get there!

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1st chart completed in the Zauberball.  Looks like chart 2 will be in the teal colour.

My first project with a life line!!!  Dont want to frog this one!

Much better stitch definition than the Zauberball.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Crafting with Jo and maximum twirlage!!

Had a lovely afternoon crafting with Josie and making my 3rd swirly dress :-)  Josie made a felt purse and used the sewing machine and iron for the first time.  Ironing was the highlight of her day and she has asked if she can do the ironing tomorrow lol.

Fabrics and design all by Josie :-)

And whilst Josie was busy making her purse I made my 3rd swirly summer dress for my nieces birthday present.  Had one of those days with the sewing machine - thread kept snapping or running out at the last minute plus 2 broken needles.  Think it's time the machine had its first service!!  Josie had great fun twirling :-)

Spin spin spin

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WIP Wednesday 18th May 2011

Late again!!!  Was hoping to post early but the sick bug is in the house so I have been deep in disinfectant all evening.  Poorly girl now in bed.

I've been sewing more than playing with yarn the last few days but I have got another Elise shawl on the go.  Absolutely love the speed of this project and I have the pattern memorized now so can watch TV and crochet.  Its another ball of Artists Palette sock yarn.  I'm left with 37 grams or 161 yards on the skein - any ideas for a project??

Also started the Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy Johnson.  This is my first Ravelry knit along and I am loving it - nearly completed the second clue.  Thankfully only had to frog a few stitches on the first row and everything has been fine since.  Its such a good feeling to get to the end of the 200+ stitch row and realise that you havent messed up!  I will be using lifelines on this one.

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge 9th - 15th May

Woohoo!!!  I managed to make a dress for each of the girls during the Kids Clothes Week Challenge :-)  Got off to a slow start with small people not wanting to go to bed and the new series of The Apprentice but I put in my hours over the weekend.  Didnt make either of the dresses I had intended to but thanks to a great link from Crafts from the Cwtch I went with a gorgeous shirred twirly dress pattern instead.  I now know how to do shirring and from now on I think everything will be shirred!!! and I also learnt how to make a gathering stitch.  Feeling very proud with myself and the girls love their dresses :-)

Everyone should give shirring a go - try this tute from youtube

Saturday, 14 May 2011

FO Fridays 14th May 2011

Its past the midnight hour but its the first opportunity I've had to post my FO Friday!!!  Cant believe I finally have a couple of finished projects - its been a long time but I am determined to post FO more often :-)

Elise Shawl

I've loved this project for its speed and simplicity.  Already purchased another skein of Artists Palette Smootherino to make another one.  Need to get some accurate scales as there was a lot of yarn left over and it would be great to get 2 from one skein.  This was my first project where I have used a chart and I am a convert. 

From this

to this

I've been sewing too - just a quick pic as these are in my last blog post.

A home for my knitpros :-)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

One for the past creations page!

I made this bracelet for Mum's Christmas present using the buttons from her vintage button tin.  I have many happy memories playing with these buttons when I was little :-)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Finished projects at last :-)

It feels like its been ages since I actually finished anything so its a good feeling when all those little projects are finally done.  Didnt manage to get anything towards Kids Clothes Week Challenge done last night as small person didnt feel the need to go to bed!  Hoping for a childfree evening so I can make a start on cutting out the material for Erins kimono dress.  Having said that the Apprentice starts again tonight so I might need to have a knitting / crochet evening in front of the TV instead!!!

The Elise shawl has been wet blocked and is pinned to my bedroom floor - managed to get another 10 inches in width out of it so its now a perfect 45 inches.


My other completed project is a lovely circular needles holder - very pleased with this one.  Made one for a present and had enough material to squeeze another one out for me :-)  My knit pros will be very happy in their new home.  Gave me a good excuse to search for them all too.  Got 4 pairs from the set out of use, 5 pairs attached to various projects and one pair has gone awol!!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge 9th - 15th May

I've taken up the challenge to set aside an hour a day from 9th-15th May to make clothes for the kids.  I brought the fabrics and patterns last year.  A reversible kimono dress for Erin and a gorgeous crochet trim summer dress for Josie
reversible kimono dress

crochet trim dress - pattern from Etsy

If there is enough time left over I would also like to make 'button shirt to toddler dress' from this tute  Found this shirt in the Severn Hospice shop.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

WIP Wednesday 4th May 2011

I missed last weeks WIP Wednesday but I've been good and mostly only stuck to one project!!!

1. Crochet Heart Doilies

I've completed 5 of the 7 now.  They were intended for a present but my tension is all over the place - 3 are big and 2 are very tight and small.  I'll keep going until they are all the same size but they are mostly likely to end up on my wall rather than anyone elses!!  They've been great fun and very portable - perfect project for the beach.

2. Elise Shawl
Needed a quick project as a replacement birthday present instead of the doilies.  The Elise shawl is recommended as a quick project (some people finish it in an evening - dont think I will but hoping it will be my FO on friday).  Brought some gorgeous artists palettes sock yarn from and started last night.  Its my first project where I have used a chart.  Messed up the first few rows trying to work out the written instructions so switched on recommendation to the chart.  Love working off a chart.  After several froggings I'm getting into the flow now.  There is a mistake on the first couple of rows but by the time I'd realised I didnt have the heart to frog it right back!  It seems very cack handed to be working with a 5.5mm hook after using the 1.5mm on the doilies

Showing off our new flooring too!!!

You can see at the start where I have misunderstood the instructions and DC into the centre original stitch too many times :-(  Hoping that once blocked it will be fine.

Still unfinished - Genevieve, socks, afghan etc etc etc!!!!  Not worked on these tho in the past fortnight

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Camping and crochet

Had an amazing couple of days at the most chilled out campsite with fantastic weather.  Kids had a great time on the beach and despite sand and suncream not being a good mix with yarn I managed to get a couple more doilies completed.  My tension varies loads though - the doilies made whilst relaxed on holiday are far bigger than the tight small ones I completed at home.  Hadnt realised how much my mood affected my tension!!