Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Finished projects at last :-)

It feels like its been ages since I actually finished anything so its a good feeling when all those little projects are finally done.  Didnt manage to get anything towards Kids Clothes Week Challenge done last night as small person didnt feel the need to go to bed!  Hoping for a childfree evening so I can make a start on cutting out the material for Erins kimono dress.  Having said that the Apprentice starts again tonight so I might need to have a knitting / crochet evening in front of the TV instead!!!

The Elise shawl has been wet blocked and is pinned to my bedroom floor - managed to get another 10 inches in width out of it so its now a perfect 45 inches.


My other completed project is a lovely circular needles holder - very pleased with this one.  Made one for a present and had enough material to squeeze another one out for me :-)  My knit pros will be very happy in their new home.  Gave me a good excuse to search for them all too.  Got 4 pairs from the set out of use, 5 pairs attached to various projects and one pair has gone awol!!

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