Monday, 16 May 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge 9th - 15th May

Woohoo!!!  I managed to make a dress for each of the girls during the Kids Clothes Week Challenge :-)  Got off to a slow start with small people not wanting to go to bed and the new series of The Apprentice but I put in my hours over the weekend.  Didnt make either of the dresses I had intended to but thanks to a great link from Crafts from the Cwtch I went with a gorgeous shirred twirly dress pattern instead.  I now know how to do shirring and from now on I think everything will be shirred!!! and I also learnt how to make a gathering stitch.  Feeling very proud with myself and the girls love their dresses :-)

Everyone should give shirring a go - try this tute from youtube


  1. Fantastic work babe, our girls look gorgeous in their new dresses xxx

  2. i want a try!! they are excellant !!

  3. They look fabulous - well done!!!

    I bought 5 rolls of shirring elastic ready to have a try, but still haven't managed to get that far down my list. Will be checking out that link - thanks xxxx