Saturday, 21 May 2011

Crafting with Jo and maximum twirlage!!

Had a lovely afternoon crafting with Josie and making my 3rd swirly dress :-)  Josie made a felt purse and used the sewing machine and iron for the first time.  Ironing was the highlight of her day and she has asked if she can do the ironing tomorrow lol.

Fabrics and design all by Josie :-)

And whilst Josie was busy making her purse I made my 3rd swirly summer dress for my nieces birthday present.  Had one of those days with the sewing machine - thread kept snapping or running out at the last minute plus 2 broken needles.  Think it's time the machine had its first service!!  Josie had great fun twirling :-)

Spin spin spin

1 comment:

  1. Jo looks like she's having so much fun spinning her beautiful dress!

    She's lucky to have such a talented mum :)