Saturday, 2 July 2011

A year of projects - come blog a long (week 1)

I posted earlier in the week about 'A Year of Projects' and have now decided upon my list.  It is a mixture of WIP's and some projects from my ravelry queue.  The new projects will be made using my current yarn stash. 

The WIP's:
Josie's Genevieve Sweater
The bodice is complete and I am half way through the skirt.  Needing lots of encouragement to finish this one otherwise she'll be too big for it!

Rainbow Heart Doilies
I have 5 of these completed now and would like to finish the set to frame.

Summer Mystery KAL
Only chart 3 and finishing left on this one.  Without the momentum of the KAL group its hard to keep motivated.

Moroccan Tile Square Afghan
Only 5 squares left to sew in the ends and then whipstitch to the final piece.  Still deciding on the border.

Cable Knit Bag
I started this a long time ago and its over half finished.  Its not my thing (not sure why I ever started it!!!) and its horrible to knit.  Havent picked it up in about 6 years but it seems a shame not to finish it.  We'll see what happens!

The new in the ravelry queue projects:

Vintage Pansy Doily
I have this planned as a birthday present

Bebop Cardi
This is a stash buster project.  One for each of the girls hopefully

Attic 24 jar jacket
Inspired by my poor sweet peas in an undressed jar!!!  Jars are being saved ready for their jackets.

In threes cardi
Another stash buster for the girls

Attic 24 star decorations
So cute!

Ermeline coat
This is supposed to be a quick crochet project and I love it.  Would like to size it up to fit me :-)

Traveling Woman
I seem to have picked lots of crochet projects so evening it out with a more complicated knitting project.

Granny no square bag
From the Happy Hooker.  Always admired this pattern in the book.

WOW thats a list and a half :-) but hopefully the crochet projects will be quick ones so I can spend longer on the knitting projects.  Every sunday there will be an update as to how each project is progressing through the year.  Follow me and the other blog alongers on ravelry


  1. Cool! Lovely projects. Those Attic24 jar jackets and stars are just too cute.

    I've just started my In Threes cardi today, but my tension is too loose so I'll be starting it again tonight.

  2. What a lovely range of projects and can't wait to see your progress with them all

  3. Lovely list! I especially like the jar jacket, but then I would 'cos it's mine :)

    I am beginning to wish I had listed the star decorations too.

    Looking forward to seeing all your projects over the year

  4. Oooh what lovely projects, I think my faves are the Ermeline coat (I'm with you, I'd love one for myself!) and the attic 24 baubles which I might very well have to add to my own list!

  5. Beautiful projects~ My favorites are the doilies. Someday I must check into the whole crochet thing. :)
    Happy Creating!

  6. Love Attic24 & I really should add those jar covers to my wish list. The Ermeline coat is gorgeous. (I'd be interested if you do size it up)

  7. Fab choices! I hadn't seen that Ermeline jacket before and I love it - may have just added it to my favourites!!!!

  8. Ermeline is adorable -- happy casting-on with your projects!

  9. also like the jacket. happy stashbusting!

  10. Ooh love the list. I'm also beginning to wish I'd added the star decorations to my list too.

  11. I love your list! I would also love to make an upsized version of Ermeline coat. Maybe we could work it out?