Sunday, 24 July 2011

A year of projects - week 4

Its Sunday again!!  Here is this weeks round up of my Year of Projects.

I've made good progress on Josie's Genevieve sweater over the last couple of days.  I'm panicking though about whether I will have enough yarn :-(  I brought more than was required for the pattern but it seems to be disappearing quickly so rather than carry on with the skirt part I thought I better get the sleeves and hood done so that any remaining yarn can be used to increase the skirt length.  The skirt is supposed to be 11.5 inches long but it will be well short of that.  Not enjoying this project at all with all the stockinette stitches and also the yarn quality is very poor with lots of splits, joins, fluffy unplied bits and thin bits.  I've cut out a lot but some has been knitted in just hoping that it doesnt create too many weak spots.

The gorgeous wool was a a custom dye from Pixie Knits - its a superwash BFL aran
It's been a good project for showing off the versatility of Knitpro - I've used various sized cables, used the cables as stitch holders and had a go at magic loop for the first time.  Not sure why I've avoided magic loop for so long as it got the sleeve finished in no time.

We went away for a midweek break this week and I was delighted to find a craft / yarn shop close to where we were staying but look at the hideous way the wool was displayed.  The shop had a wonderful range for everyones taste yet it was impossible to enjoy browsing through mountains of plastic bags!!  You dont go into a clothes shop and find that all the clothes are still in their packaging and bunged together on shelves so why do yarn stores insist on still doing this!  I asked if they sold online but was told 'No, customers like to look and feel the wool.  There isn't the market for online wool shopping'.  Really?????

Whilst away I started a new project (always like a new project on holiday).  Stupidly it isnt in my original YOP list but should have been as I already had the yarn and pattern sat waiting.  Its a King Cole crochet pattern published in a Lets Knit supplement.  I'm using King Cole baby alpaca and its a dream to work with.  This is the first crochet project where I have worried about tension as all previous crochet projects havent mattered whether my tension is off so I was very pleased to find my tension was spot on for the recommended needle size.

So that is my work for the week I'm off to have a look at what everyone else in the YoP group has been up to.  Thank you for all your comments last week they are very much appreciated and all hints and tips are taken on board xx


  1. Whew...quite a list. The yarn shop is interesting. Where you in a really damp location that the yarn had to be bagged for protection? Do they not sell much at a time and keep it bagged so it doesn't get dusty? Very odd.

  2. I love the color of the outfit! Can't wait to see it all finished. Sorry to hear the wool is not playing nice with your needles.

    As for the yarn shop..................I think you said it all. That is very odd indeed.

  3. Congratulations on finding such lovely yarn in that shop; just looking at the photo makes me tired and irritable. I'd have turned around and walked straight back out!

  4. My LYS also keeps it in the bags. I love your projects. THe colours are so me as well. Almost ready for a Ta-dah, so can't wait.

  5. @ minding my own stitches.... I didnt buy anything from the shop as the layout made me so cross lol. The yarn for the sweater came online from pixie knits ;-)

  6. That little sweater will be beautiful! Such a shame that the wool isn't as nice to work with as it could be. A shame too about the wool shop. If they're going to keep it all bagged up they might as well sell online! I love the blue floral squares too. I've never yet managed to find a King Cole yarn that I've loved, but live in hope. I tried an acrylic that did the job but wasn't really lovable, and a wool/acrylic blend that somehow knitted perfectly but wasn't nice to crochet with. Anyway, lovely work and well done with the magic loop!

  7. Oh my that Genevieve looks like a lot of grief----I hope you end up with enough yarn after all. Yarn chicken is not a game I like to play at all!
    You are correct, that yarn store's lay out is hideous! Why do they do that? I have never seen that done in any of our stores.
    Your crocheted sweater = simply lovely--both the pattern and the yarn.

  8. The projects are looking good, I hope you have enough yarn for the sweater. I have seen a couple of wool shops crammed like that, lots of lovely wool but it does make it hard to buy any

  9. When you finish Genevieve you are going to be so proud of yourself (or at least that's what i keep telling myself about my lace tunic that I am repeatedly frogging) it's the perfect color for your sweet faced girl.

    I had to keep looking away from your yarn pic. It's almost as sad as going to the pound and seeing all those soulful eyed dogs begging you to set them free.