Friday, 17 February 2012

The Leap Year Blanket - halfway through Feb

I'm up to 53 squares now so a bit ahead of time.  It had been my intention to join all the squares at the end of this month but I think they still look too clashy and random.  Once there are another 100 or so squares I should get some colour themes and patterns happening.  Decided to border all the squares to break them up a bit as they loose there individuality when laid together.  Bordering is squaring them up nicely too which should make the job of joining a bit easier.  .

all laid out pre borders

and the few that I bordered last night


  1. My dear Crafty Clare, I'll give you Versatile Blogger Award, because I have a great respect for your work. You can check it out at

  2. Hello, I saw you have worked for First4Yarns... I can'nt find anything on the web. Is the shop in Knighton closed ? I love so much to come there each time I come in Wales... Thank you for your return...