Friday, 20 April 2012

April's Finished Objects

I havent blogged for a couple of months.  So here is a little update on my finished objects.

I made the Pansy Doily for Mum.  I'm so pleased with the way it turned out and Mum was delighted.  It was part of my Year of Projects.  I really need to get working through my list of projects as so far I've only completed 5 of the 13!!!

I joined a mystery KAL group making a cardi for Josie.  The clues were released in 4 stages.  I'm a bit disappointed by the amount of stockinette after the great lace start but the cardi fits very well and Josie is very pleased with it.  Josie made the buttons from FIMO

I've also made a quick granny shrug.  Its a very clever make made from 2 hexagonal granny squares.  The squares on then folded into 'L" shapes and sewn together up the back and over the shoulder.  Once sewn together I added a few more rows to increase the length.  Please excuse the very dodgy hair - dont think I'd looked in a mirror or picked up a hairbrush!!!  Thank you to Karen at Bits and Bobs for blogging about this project

Heading over to Tamis Amis blog to check out some more finished objects


  1. That doily is the bees knees - AWESOME!!!!

  2. I really do love that doily. If you ever feel like taking commissions or doing a swap for something knitted then let me know :-)

  3. The doily is beautiful, Clare. I love the colours - it's perfect. The cardi looks really cute and I love that Josie made her own buttons, how great is that!!!?!