Saturday, 4 June 2011

Not enough hours in the day!

The beautiful weather has returned :-) so its out in the garden until the sun goes in!  My craft work seems to have ground to a halt but the garden is looking pretty.  Love having a garden for the kids to enjoy and potter around in weeding and admiring my veg.

What a beauty.  Have loved waiting to see what is going to appear in the garden. When we moved in most of the flowers had gone over so really enjoying this spring.

The veggie patch is coming on.  Broad beans are getting pods now, the peas are shooting up and the potatoes have finally appeared this week.  Planted a couple of courgette plants this week and Carl put all his tomatoes in growbags.  There doesnt seem to be many perinneals in the garden so this year I've cleared the weeds and put in bedding plants.  In the autumn I'll put the perinneals in ready for next year.  Bit gutted we left our gorgeous cornflower and poppy plants behind at the last house but it was the wrong time of year to move them.

I'm still working on my Summer Mystery KAL. Wishing in some ways I hadn't started a second one as I'm getting behind with the clues.  I'm a 3rd of the way through clue 3 with the Zauberball but have only completed clue 2 using the Fyberspace.  Its tempting to just work on the one so that I can catch up and finish along with everyone else but I know that I'll never finish the 2nd as once the mystery is revealed the momentum to get both complete will have gone.  Down to 140+ stitches on the zauberball one now from 240+ so each row is much quicker.  Haven't needed to frog back yet so been getting a bit slack with lifelines - hope this isn't famous last words!!!  I didn't bother with a tension swatch and I'm quite surprised how much bigger the fyberspace one is knitting up.

Completed another dress for a little birthday girl.  Got this pattern cracked now and I managed to cut and sew it during a couple of days whilst the kids were playing outside.

Its amazing how long a bowl of washing up water will keep a 2 year old happy for!!!
Erin's new room :-)

Spent bank holiday weekend de-cluttering and moving rooms around.  Erin finally has her own bedroom :-)  I chopped a pair of charity shop curtains down to fit her window.  Think I might have felt over confident as I've now brought the fabric for our bedroom and Josie's bedroom curtains - eeeek!  Never made curtains from scratch so will be spending several hours watching instructions on youtube!!!  Wish me luck


  1. I can't wait to see what the KAL will be! Look fantastic in both yarns :) Erin looks like she's having fun in her new room and the garden is looking fab! Looking forward to a good catch up!

  2. Gorgeous Peonies, you had better watch me like a hawk with the snippers if I visit!!!

  3. Thanks Chloe - I hadn't realised what they were *blush*. They appeared in the middle of the rhododendron plant so caused some confusion!!! Wish there were more as they are absolutely beautifulx