Monday, 13 June 2011

Toy Challenge Week day 2

So what are you all up to?  I was supposed to post yesterday but sat down with Carl to watch The Kings Speech instead - great film by the way! Needed to finish my ravelry KAL too - now that's off the needles toy making can commence.

Although I didn't make anything today I did spend the day with a major toy challenge!!!  Brought every single toy in the house up into our bedroom and went through all the boxes to find all those missing pieces (and have a good clear out!)  The kids rooms are now full of neat toy boxes with everything where it should be and the front room is a toy storage free zone :-)

Mid chaos!  Wish I'd taken the after photo with it all neatly put away!
 I have decided to make:
  • a couple of toy bags to store some of the toys which have lost their original boxes.  They'll be a drawstring bag with some of the left over fabric I've brought this year.  
  • a gnome baby or two

  • a gnome house
  • and a Babushka Dolly

I've ordered some sheeps wool stuffing so praying that arrives tomorrow.  I'd like to make a doll for Erin with interchangeable clothes but that may have to wait until another week!

Join in too and dont forget to add your blog so we can all admire what you are up to :-)


  1. Hiya - drop me your email address to craftsfromthecwtch (at) gmail (dot)com and I'll invite you to Pinterest

  2. I still need to see The King's Speech, I'm really looking forward to it.

    And your gnomes are wonderful, they're so simple but totally whimsical and amazing, and the house is fantastic, too. And the babushka dolly is so sweet and the rainbow colours are unexpected and very cool.