Friday, 10 June 2011

FO Friday 10th June 2011

Woohoo I have a finished object :-)  Say hello to Josie's birdie!!  Its a year tomorrow since we moved into our new house and I feel awful as I starting making the birdie before we moved in to welcome Jo into her new bedroom and help make it cosy!  Thankfully she settled in with no problem so the poor birdie has sat in the WIP pile.  Very pleased to have finished him in time for our 1st anniversary :-)

 Luckily she hadn't gone to sleep by the time he was finished so I was able to sneak in and let her have her birdie.  They are snuggled up asleep now :-)

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If you fancy a toy making week please come and join me next week for the challenge


  1. The bird is adorable, and so is Josie (I adore that name!).

  2. The bird came out so sweet! I love its legs, and the button eye, and I'm so glad you got to sneak it in to her before she was asleep. <3 Such sweet photos, they're making me smile.

  3. The birdie is almost as adorable as Josie! Love the colors that you chose.