Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Toy Challenge Week 11-18th June 2011

 Are you up for a challenge?  If I am ever to complete a project then I need a challenge and a deadline.  So far I've joined in with a kids clothes week challenge and made a dress for each of my girls and a summer knit along which will produce 2 shawlettes.  Time for some toys I think!!  Lots of ideas but my main aim is to make some gnomes and fairies with Josie and make a basic doll with changeable clothes for Erin.  There will be sewing, glueing, felting, knitting and crochet and if I make it to the gnome house stage then a bit of weaving too.

Will you join me for the challenge?  I plan to put aside at least an hour a day towards the challenge - Josie and I will work together after dinner and once they are both in bed I'll enjoy some peaceful crafting.  I will post my final ideas / patterns / pics of materials on Saturday 11th - link up too, lets have a Toy WIP on Wednesday and a Toy reveal on Sat 18th

Are you in?


  1. Actually really bloody confused by all the linkies and tack :-/ Have subscribed, but don't know how to put the stuff on my blog yet! lol

  2. Copy my picture and then paste it on a post in your blog - link the picture then back to this page. Write in the post about doing the toy challenge and publish the page then post the URL of that page into the bit where it says 'your URL' in the linky widget box. That will then create a list here to show you have joined and anyone else who joins will be able to look at your page xx