Sunday, 7 August 2011

A year of projects - week 6

And what a week of crafting its been :-)  Seem to have achieved lots this week despite working on a different project each day *raises eyebrows*!  I vow to work on only one project at a time once all the current projects are finished - ha ha ha!

From my YoP list I have done lots of work on Josie's Genevieve sweater.  Ali at Pixie Knits managed to match an extra skein for me so I now have enough to finish the full length version with pixie hood.  Still fuming that the yardage requirements are so out on this pattern.  The new skein is slightly less varigated than the original skeins so I am knitting 2 rows in the old, 2 rows in the new to try and blend it as much as possible.  Only another inch of the hood to go and the remaining sleeve.  Have tried to stitch the bodice to the skirt with mattress stitch as per the pattern but I've only ever used mattress stitch on vertical knitted stitches and not the cast off row to the cast on row.  I've tried a couple of times but it looks untidy so will go up to my local knit and knatter tomorrow night to get some expert opinion on neat finishing.

Now my other projects weren't on my original list but this week I have also been working on:

A Calorimetry headband for myself.  I actually made 2 but the first one was way too big.  Originally casted on 104 stitches on 4.5mm needles and worked up until 28 unworked stitches on either side of the middle.  Second time round I only used 88 stitches and worked up until 22 unworked stitches - it fits a treat and will be perfect for those 'ooops should have washed my hair days'!  Made in the lovely Noro Silk Garden

The kids and I made a wigwam :-) thanks to inspiration from summer holidays when I was little at my grandparents and my friend Helen who has recently made one for her little girls.  Had intended to follow this tutorial for a more professional job but it was a scorching day and the kids were happy with it just held together by pegs!!

 I'm making Josie a dress with a knitted bodice and ooga booga print skirt.  The knitted section is from the Milo pattern knitted with Rico Kids DK
After sitting on top of my wardrobe for a couple of months I decided it was time to tackle curtain making for the first time!  Unfortunately I brought the material on a whim before learning how to correctly measure up to include seam allowances and pattern repeats.  I was short of material for both our bedroom curtains and Josie's!!!  Thankfully Dunelm's still had the material in stock for our bedroom.  Very proud with my work so far.  I shall make a blog tutorial for 'curtain making for newbies'!
 And last but not least!!!  There are lots of tutorials in both the blog world and on youtube for pillowcase dresses.  Spotted some cheap cases on ebay and started on my own version with a bit of smocking!  It is slightly too wide for Josie so thought it might fit my sister as a top.  Sadly it is too narrow for my sister but now I have the correct measurements my next sewing project will be a grown up sized smock top and I shall rethink the design on the pillowcase dress.

I am off now to have a look at what everyone else has been up to this week over at the YoP blog-a-long


  1. I am so sorry for your frustration over the "matched" yarn--you are so close to being done, and my guess is no one else will even notice on he finished project. That looks like one difficult pattern. I just started a Milo for Grandy girl #2 to match the one I previously finished for her big sister. I adore that pattern.

  2. I so like the vivid tone of that pink colorway for the Genevieve Sweater, so much betta than the neutral in the original.
    So sweet that you have a Josie as I have one also and BTW, you look way too young to be a mom of two.
    I think I need to make a Caliometry for myself as I like hair accessories as those things can be so expensive for whatnot.

  3. You have been busy! The colour of the new ball of wool looks very nice alternated with the old that way!

  4. wow - craazy busy week!

    I'm sure you'll be the only person able to spot the colour difference in the wool, not that that is much consolation I know. It's beautiful!

    Fab tee pee and headband! Excellent curtains too, I'm actually off out today to buy poles so that I can start making curtains for here.

  5. Amazing, I love the Wigwam. My youngest son recieved one from a very good family friend for his 4th birthday and still drags it out into the garden to have a daytime "campout". Hubbie bought me a sewing machine last month and I am still too nervous to make anything, I am scared I am either going to stuff up the project royally or break the machine.

  6. I love the headband! Good luck with the sweater. I't s looking great so far.

  7. Great week! The sweater is going to be AMAZING!

    (I've been thinking of making the Calorimetry too - if you didn't undo it, how big is the too big one? If it'll fit over my dreads, I'd considering buying it to save me the trouble :-) )

  8. Love the wigwam, how fun for you and the kids. Glad you were able to match the yarn you needed. Did you send a note about how off the yardage on the pattern was? Wonder how many people are high and dry after starting the project.

  9. I think my previous comment got lost in cyberspace!! Love your headband - now I have to buy another ball of that lovely Noro Silk Garden :)

  10. @ Sarah. I frogged the Calorimetry sorry to make the new one! The big one ended up at about 24 inches. It's a quick project - I managed to make a start on it through the day and then finished it in the evening in front of the TV xx