Monday, 29 August 2011

Carnival Time and Year of Projects 29/8/11 week 9

You can tell it is the Summer Holidays as I am way behind on my blog!!  We have had a lovely few weeks though.  This weekend was the Carnival where we have a day and night procession through town and a horticultrual and craft competition.  I put 12 entries into the competition and came away with 4 third's - not my best prize scoop but a lot of fun.

The horticultural and craft exhibitions
I entered a Fancy Filigree Bookmark made with size 10 crochet thread and a 1.5mm needle.  Didnt get a prize on this one.  I really enjoy thread crochet work and have treated myself to some more colourful threads.

Mum and Dad's 60th birthday creations and my moroccon tile afghan picked up 3rds.

Sadly I didnt scoop a prize in the bag section!

and my Year of Project show entries......

My rainbow heart doilies made with size 10 thread and a 1.5mm hook.  I will admit to being a little disappointed not to get a prize on this one but they will look great up on the wall.

And I finally finished Josie's genevieve sweater.  It used 6 skeins on superwash merino worsted dyed by Ali and Pixieknits and I got the tension with a 5.5mm needle.  Have hated this project (incorrect yardage requirements and the pattern was lacking in description) !!!! If I ever make this again then there is no way I'd make the skirt so full - all that back and forth stocking stitch drove me mad!!  Josie is chuffed to bits with it though and it picked up a 3rd at the show.

and here are a few more pics of the carnival

Take at look at the Year of Projects page on Ravelry for lots more crafty pics


  1. Sounds like you scooped up lots of prizes, so good for you. The filigree bookmark is very charming. I may have to give something like that a try!

    The Genvieve sweater looks darling, especially modeled by the little darling!

  2. Lovely entries and well done on your prizes. I like your Genevieve sweater but sure can understand the back and forth stocking stitch!

  3. Well done! Not yet brave enough to enter competitions like that. The doilies and the afghan are my pick for first prize ribbons!

  4. I've always fancied entering the local show, but never found out how to. Your bookmark is lovely, I'm very drawn to things like that but have never done anything quite so delicate. For the difficulty of the sweater, it was well worth it, it is absolutely gorgeous, I'm not surprised your little girl liked it. Thank you for your nice comments on my Wendy colours, I reckon your brain works the same as mine with the choc,lime and hint of strawberry!

  5. I love all of your entries (you totally get prizes from me, albeit the virtual kind), but oh my gosh, those rainbow doilies in the frame, they're sublime. I wish I had some on my wall right this second. :)

  6. That sweater looks so good on her. I'm sure that endless stocking stitch was dull, but the skirt looks perfect.

  7. Wow! That is way more ribbons than I have ever won--(my total being 0 )--your work is lovely. Such a beautiful bookmark--and framed doilies!! I would love to have any of those. You little model is adorable too!

  8. Well done claire !! we were going to do veg entrys but weve been too busy this year !!

  9. Congrats on the third place finishes! I love the doilies in the frame. Would be perfect hanging on my wall. :) I cannot believe the butterfly purse didn't place. It caught my eye. So subtle yet gorgeous. Better luck next year.