Wednesday, 5 October 2011

WIP Wednesday 5th October 2011 and a Thank you

Welcome October - and what a few days of contrasts.  On the 1st of the month we had a BBQ and the kids were out in the paddling pool, 5 days later and I am contemplating lighting the fire this evening!

I am still working on my Lore Hoodie progress was a bit slow during the hot evenings.  I've no reached the points where I need to join the sleeves before I can progress any further with the bodice.  I will start on the sleeves tonight using the magic loop technique.  Still debating whether to go for three quarter length sleeves as per the pattern or make full length sleeves.

"No we mustn't forget
No we mustn't forget
To say a great big Thank you
We mustn't forget"

I'd also like to make this a 'THANK YOU' post.  Do you ever wonder what happens to those gifted knitted items?  Are they stuck in a cupboard forgotten about or well used and loved.  I'd like to say thank you for the knitted gifts that are loved in our house (being a knitter there are obviously no gifts languishing in a cupboard).

Our most loved knitted gift is a blanket that my friend Amy knitted for each of my girls when they were born.  They are backed with fleece so are lovely and cosy.  The girls like snuggling under them in the day and Carl and I often use them in the evening if its chilly.  They are frequently used on their beds too.  They are well travelled too coming on all long car journeys and holidays.
Josie as a newborn sleeping on her blanket

Another favourite is an unwanted blanket that I have loved.  A colleague gave me a bag of baby bits when Josie was born and when I returned them to her she said to put them in a charity shop.  I pointed out that there was a lovely hand knitted blanket in the bag but she laughed and said 'no thanks that can definitely go to the charity shop'.  It seems very sad that it wasnt appreciated by its original owner but I would like to say a big thank you to whoever the knitter was.  I have enjoyed wrapping my two up in the blanket as babies whilst trying to settle them back to sleep.  There is nothing more lovely than a baby sleeping in a pure white knitted blanket somehow it makes those long wakeful nights easier to bare.

On top of the blanket is a gorgeous cardi that was knitted by my lovely friend Janets, nan.  Unfortunately her nan is no longer here and I think it makes it extra special to wear and love the cardi and carry on her memory.  Thank you Nan.  My nutty 2 year old is wearing it today

funny face pics only today!

And my final knitted gift thank you is for the knitter of my favourite knitted top of all time.  This was one was knitted by my friend Amy's mum.  It came in a bag of hand me downs to my two and has had a huge amount of wear and compliments.  Sadly it is now too small but I am on the hunt to find the pattern on ravelry
Its the cardi that Erin on the left is wearing
xxxx THANK YOU knitters you are very much appreciated xxxx

I am off to Tamis Amis blog to see what everyone else is up to this week


  1. On the hoodie - personally if I made mine again I would go for long sleeves, it feels slightly strange having a long cardigan with a hood that only has 3/4 length ones! It's looking great btw :)

  2. oh how sweet !! lovely idea... cant believe that that blanket was going to a charity shop...

  3. I *cannot* believe that person was going to give that blanket away ! I was expecting some kind of, you know, dreadful bright garish thing ...not that work of beauty. I am glad you kept it.

  4. I LOVE seeing knits worn happily :)

  5. Popping in on a few people I've not heard from in awhile to see how things are going. Great projects here. Haven't seen you on wipw, or fof, or jop...hope you're ok. Pop in when you can.